Moving to another country has its unique challenges. Ensuring your child’s education is undisrupted and receiving the best care is one of them. Since 2002, we at EduCare4u have helped more than 1,500 foreign students in Asia to manage their transition and realise their dreams – regardless of geography. As a professional education management company, we can help your child to:

Apply to suitable schools
Meet the expectations of a different academic system
Adapt to unfamiliar cultures and make new friends
Develop good character and life-long skills

This personalised service ensures that parents enjoy peace of mind knowing that the child is in good hands while they are studying abroad in Singapore.
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移居到另一个国家时常会面对一些特殊的挑战。保障您孩子的教育不被扰乱的同时, 得到悉心周到的照顾将是其中一个挑战。自 2002 年以来,爱德教育帮助超过 1,500 名来自亚洲各地的外国学生顺利融入本地的教育系统和生活到最终成功追逐他们各自的理想。


  • 申请就读当地学校
  • 达到新教育系统的要求
  • 融入和适应新的文化和结交新的朋友
  • 培育良好品格和终生技能


Our Team

Founder, Miss Alvina Khoo

A school teacher by training and Masters (MBA) graduate from the University of Hull (UK), Miss Alvina Khoo set up EduCare4u in 2002. She was inspired by her experience caring for Vietnamese children and orphans with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to design a unique family style education, tuition and guardianship programme for foreign students in Singapore. In recognition of her passion and dedication in her field, she was awarded the Service to Education Award from the Ministry of Education in 2010 and the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2018.


EduCare4u tutors are highly qualified and experienced. They not only excel in explaining concepts and principles, but are also trained to tactfully nurture and care for our students. Most of them are Singaporean tutors and ex-school teachers who are familiar with the Singapore education system.

Our tutors have been very successful in preparing our students for entry to government and international schools, as well as PSLE and ‘O’ Levels examinations. Many of them have progressed to top schools such as Dunman High School, River Valley High School, Raffles Institution, Anglo-Chinese Junior College etc. Our students had been offered places in prestigious universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, King's College and UC Berkeley. Much can be credited to the strong academic knowledge of passionate tutors, who empower the children academically as they steer and propel them forward in their educational pathway. Most students come to us with weak English skills, but we generally see great improvements in their proficiency within a short period of time. We have received many words of appreciation and compliments from parents and they have referred many students to us.

我们的创办人 – 许老师

前学校老师,毕业于英国赫尔大学(University of Hull, UK),获得工商管理硕士学位。身为一位活跃的社区领导,许老师曾义务协助联合国难民事务高级专员办事处(UNHCR)照顾了多名越南战争儿童与孤儿。 基于这些孩子感情上支持的经历,使得许老师更加热衷于帮助海外学生融入本地教育系统,也因此在 2002 年创办了爱德教育。她的热诚和奉献也让她在 2010 年获得了新加坡教育部所颁发的 Service to Education Award,2018 年获得了 Spirit of Enterprise Award



Our Programme

Other than government schools, Singapore has many other options for schooling, each with their own merits. A good English foundation can be achieved through schooling in Singapore, helping students in their pursuit of further education overseas. We progress from the basics according to their level. Our lessons emphasise the elements of English such as listening, reading and writing. Our bilingual staff will communicate with students in English and develop their habit of using English in daily life.

Our programme covers a wide range of needs from AEIS tuition and admission to international schools to pre-university subjects.


除了政府学校,新加坡还有很多其他的学校选择,每个都有自己的优点。 通过在新加坡上学,可以实现良好的英语基础, 从而帮助学生在海外继续深造。 我们的课程包括预备 AEIS 和进入国际学校的考试,以及到初级学院 / IB 级别的所有科目补习。 我们根据他们的水平从基础进行学习。 我们的课程强调英语的元素,例如听力、阅读和写作。 我们的双语工作人员将与学生用英语交流,养成在日常生活中使用英语的习惯。

我们的补习涵盖了广泛需求,从预备 AEIS 到入读国际学校到大学预科。