International Schools in Singapore are for foreign nationals, such as Canadian International School and Australian International School, providing a similar education as in their titular countries.


Australian International School

  • Established over 20 years ago
  • Over 2600 students and over 300 teaching staff
  • The only school to offer an Australian educational experience for students aged 18 months to 18 years in Singapore

School Curriculum
AIS is an International Baccalaureate World school. AIS offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) from Preschool to Year 5, a school-specific Australian curriculum framework for Years 6 to 8, Cambridge IGCSE in Years 9 and 10, and the Higher School Certificate (HSC) or International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) for Years 11 and 12.


  • 超过20多年前建立
  • 超过2600名学生和300名教师
  • 唯一一所提供澳大利亚系统教育(18月至18)的新加坡国际学府

幼儿园到五年级的国际文凭小学课程(IB PYP),六到八年级的澳大利亚学校课程,九到十年级的剑桥IGCSE课程以及1112年级的高等学校证书(HSC)或国际中学毕业会考文凭课程(IB Diploma)

Canadian International School

  • Founded in 1990, CIS has over 3,300 students from more than 74 nationalities enrolled across two campuses - Lakeside in the west (for students aged 2 to 18 years) and Tanjong Katong in the east (for students aged 2 to 12 years)

A Global Curriculum
CIS is one of the few international schools in Singapore to offer all three International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes, the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP). Over 350 universities globally have offered places to CIS graduates (2011 - 2019).

For more information, please refer to CIS website:


  • 建立于1990年,有超过3300名学生,来自74多个国家,就读于两个校区-西部的湖畔 (218岁)和东部的丹戎加东(212岁)

是少数中提供三种国际文凭课程(IB), 从小学直到国际中学毕业会考文凭课程的国际学校。至今,超过350所国内外大学认证和招收加拿大国际学校毕业的学生(2011 - 2019)。

Stamford American International School

  • An international school, where its faculty and the wider school community proudly reflect the shared vision, commitment and energy to ensure the educational success of every student
  • More than 65 nationalities represented on campus

School Curriculum
Stamford American offers the best of both worlds - the challenging American Education Reaches Out (AERO) standards combined with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme from 18 months to 18 years old. Students will graduate with either the IB Diploma or High School Diploma with Advanced Placement credits, or both.



  • 其教育人员和校园环境反映了学习的愿景,承诺和精神以确保每个孩子都能够得到优良的教育
  • 超过65个国籍的学生在此就读

提供18月到18岁学生独特的二合一教育系统 – 结合了具有挑战性的美国教育课程(AERO)和国际文凭课程(IB)。学生可在国际中学毕业会考文凭证书(IB Diploma)和高中文凭附加大学先修课程(AP)之中二选一,或两者兼得。

St Francis Methodist School

  • Established in 1960
  • Flexible approach to education that gives students the option of choosing from several academic journeys that include the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE programme, Upper Secondary Australian Matriculation Programme (AUSMAT) or Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Levels, the Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level or Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) as well as Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma course
  • Home to a culturally diverse group of students of over 15 different nationalities


  • 建立于1960
  • 灵活的教育方法给予学生许多选择,如剑桥国际中学教育普通证书预备课程(IGCSE)、 澳洲初中高年级课程(AUSMAT)、新加坡剑桥GCE ‘O’水准预备课程、西澳洲西澳洲教育证书预备课程 (WACE)和培生爱德斯BTEC 5级英国国家高等教育文凭预备课程 (IAL)
  • 国际化学府,来自20多个国籍的学生

Invictus International School

  • In November 2015, two experienced technology entrepreneurs came together to create Invictus International School, a forward-looking private school serving the expatriate community.
  • Invictus is an independent co-educational international primary school which offers high quality education at a reasonable cost, while offering a robust and meaningful experience for students.
  • 2 campuses in Singapore: Dempsey and Sentosa

Holistic Curriculum: Invictus's Dempsey Campus uses the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This is a comprehensive thematic and creative curriculum, which incorporates science, social studies, geography, art, music, physical education, technology and global mindedness.

Skilled Educators: The school Principal, Alan Campbell, has 37 years of experience in Education. He has been a Headmaster of three different schools with 22 years of experience in leadership roles. Teachers at Invictus come with an extensive background in teaching in multicultural classrooms and understand the challenges expat children may experience.

Affordable Premium Education: The annual tuition fees are $17,000 (+GST) paid over 5 instalments.


  • International Primary Curriculum (IPC): Grade 1 – Grade 6
  • International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC): Grade 7 & 8
  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE): Grade 9 & 10
  • Cambridge International A-Level (Advanced Level): Grade 11 & 12
For more information, please refer to Invictus website:

Repton Schoolhouse

  • Repton Schoolhouse is a partner school of Repton School in the United Kingdom.
  • An established, exceptional educational institution with 460 years of history and experience in cultivating excellence in character and outstanding achievement.
  • 2 campuses in Singapore: Alexandra and Bukit Timah

Repton’s curriculum embraces both the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework and Nurturing Early Learners Curriculum of Ministry of Education Singapore.
In Repton’s engaging programme, books transcend all curriculum areas. Integrated Inquiries provide a meaningful context for the development of learning outcomes. Repton starts from what the children already know, value this knowledge, and plan learning experiences to sort out ideas and extend thinking. Repton Schoolhouse teachers are flexible and responsive to that unexpected “teachable moment”.


  • Pre-Nursery: 18 months - 2 years old
  • Nursery: 2 & 3 years old
  • Kindergarten 1: 4 years old - 5 years old
  • Kindergarten 2: 5 years old - 6 years old
For more information, please refer to Repton Singapore website: