Direct English (Malaysia)

  • A unique English Language Teaching provider from Malaysia that enables students to build confidence and achieve their goals faster
  • Founded in 1997, Direct English has developed proven courses, learning resources and teaching methodologies in partnership with our parent organisation, The Linguaphone Group
  • Enabled thousands of adults across Europe, Asia and the Middle East to learn the international language of business and communications, and gain an internationally recognised English Language qualification
  • Offers students the chance to earn a valuable, professional qualification and has enabled thousands of adults worldwide to master the English language
  • Available in 26 countries, over 90 centrals around the world

School Curriculum

Students can choose multiple course options to fit around personal or professional responsibilities and use digital resources via Direct English Online to learn whenever and wherever they want.

Direct English has been developed for people of all ages and abilities; from absolute beginners to advanced learners. The program enables students to learn at their own pace and can be adapted to meet specific language goals.

Teachers prepare some spoken activities for students to do which will involve the new language students are learning. Teachers also discuss students' progress in their own language and help with any problems.

Direct English methodologies have been researched and developed to ensure proficiency in all aspects of language learning.